The money coaching process may help you:

  • Clarify your current money situation so you can make empowered choices
  • Reveal unconscious spending habits and begin to spend consciously
  • Break free from the budget mentality, and create a flexible spending plan that reflects your wants and needs
  • Explore your relationship to earning, spending, and saving
  • Free yourself from the burden of debt
  • Discover long-standing money belief systems that may be blocking you
  • Eliminate the feeling of being in a “money fog” and gain a sense of peace and control around your money life
  • Work out conflicting feelings around inherited or sudden wealth
  • Have a safe, compassionate place to talk about your money
  • Envision and move towards the lifestyle you truly desire

Please note: Money coaching is not investment advising, debt consolidation, or any other service that advises people on products or vehicles for their money.